Formulation Science: Continued

  In a recent blog post, I discussed the essentials of the Formulation Science discipline, using a long explanation involving cake. I am not a Formulation Chemist, but I quite liked writing this post. For my own enjoyment, and to be more technical, here’s a follow up! The Role of Formulation Science So, Formulation is an essential … Read more

“What are all these chemicals for?” – aka, a very basic primer on Formulation Chemistry

Formulation Science? I’m currently studying for a PhD in Chemistry, and yet never during my Chemistry Undergraduate or Postgraduate career have I come across any modules or even seminars touching on formulation science. This is largely because formulation science is seen as an industry staple, something that doesn’t have a place in more blue-sky, academic research … Read more

Five shorter (political) stories: 2

  The UK is a worrying place to live at the moment, with soothsayers preaching about economic, social and environmental collapse at every street corner (or posting about it on Facebook, at least). This makes it a perfect time to post a few stories about factors leading to political persuasion! In science we trust. Research … Read more

Microbiomes and Moods

Our Friendly Gut Bacteria The recent discovery of the importance of our Microbiome (our “friendly” gut bacteria) has served as a critical reminder to medical researchers that the body does not exist as a series of disconnected notes or phrases, but as a wondrous song with many interconnected melodies and harmonies that each play an … Read more

Ars Medendi reads: Do No Harm

The Book Do No Harm – Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery Henry Marsh Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2014 What it’s about: A Summary I don’t want to spoil the book by giving too much away in this summary. I would simply say that, if you are looking into a career in the medical profession, this … Read more

Ars Medendi reads: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

The Book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Oliver Sacks Picador, 1986 What it’s about: A Summary Welcome to the world of a neurologist. Oliver Sacks compiles many case studies he has published in medical case journals. These serve both as incredibly insightful looks at particular neurological disorders. This is the only one … Read more

Ars Medendi reads: The Noonday Demon

The Book The Noonday Demon – An Atlas of Depression Andrew Solomon Scribner, 2003 What it’s about: A Summary First of all, I have to say: the book is LONG. Very long. It took me maybe two months to read, but then I don’t have much time to read in the evenings after work. Despite it’s … Read more

Ars Medendi reads: The Man Who Couldn’t Stop

I have absolutely no illusions about this blog, and I am fully aware that the majority of the time I’m talking to myself. So I thought it would be worthwhile starting a new feature where I review books I have read. If you are reading this and have yourself read the book I am reviewing, … Read more

Let’s have a talk about homeopathy

A note from the author: As this is an emotive subject, comments are disabled after 4 days. This is because, at this stage, I feel that ongoing discussions tend to stagnate.   As my first post in a very, very long while, I thought I’d post an extended discussion about some aspects of homeopathy. Homeopathy is … Read more