Hello world!


Hello world!

This is my first post, so a perfect opportunity to just let you know what to expect from this blog. The reason I decided to ask for a blog here? Why not? It’s a good place to keep my interests in scientific topics other than my Masters project, to record and summarise them.

I am currently studying for to be a Master of Chemistry in Chemical Biology – meaning that I am constantly torn between the two vast academic worlds of chemistry and biology, and I love them both.

Posts here will largely lie at the border of these two disciplines, and in pharmacology (the science of drugs in the body). Firstly I’ll be writing on interesting snippets of conferences I’ve been to, but who knows what else may pop up! Let me know if there’s any topics or news stories you think I would be interested in.

My first proper post will be up at the end of the week. I plan to do a post at least weekly :).

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